Logic systems and processors

Czech page
Reconstruction   WEB supports the course LSP - Logic Systems and Processors taught in the Department of Control Engineering,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague.
At the beginning of 2024, its pages were redesigned and may still contain minor imperfections.

ITS Content

  • Install Quartus - free (lite) version of the Quartus FPGA development environment. You can install it on your home computers.
  • Guides - textbooks and educational materials.
  • Morse code - text to Morse code converter suitable for LSP tasks.
  • Veek-MT2 board  - materials for Terasic's development board used in LSP practical exercises.
  • Videos - a little outdated video courses created in Covid era.

Internal Pages Available only to LSP students
  • Overview of Results - a summary of the points earned for task assignments and exams.
  • Values for Tasks - given values for your individual tasks.
  • Library - internal educational materials.
  • Logs of Changes - the list of changes of your data in LSP database.
  • Submit Task - you will upload here each of your solutions to the given task.
  • Moodle Site - the link to FEE Moodle educational site


  • Documents and programs downloaded from their distributors' websites must be used in accordance with their license terms.   
        Their local copies are for teaching purposes only.
  • All materials and programs created by the Department of Control Engineering are published under
        GNU General Public License  or GNU Free Documentation License.